Fiber Optic Patch Cable

UDF-1U Optical Distribution Frame

  • Standard 19-inch rack mounting, press and eject design
  • 1U distribution frame maximum configuration density 144 cores (LC))
  • 1U is divided into three layers, 4 vacancies in each layer, base-12 module box
  • 1U maximum 72 ports MPO (maximum 6 ports for each MPO coupler board)
Product Application
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  • Specifications

    Normalization design, the same distribution frame is compatible with 12-core module (Base-12) and 24-core module (Base-8), arbitrary switching, configuration as needed, adapt to future network expansion and changes

    Knob screw fixing, tool-free installation and disassembly, convenient for wiring operation

    LC adapter has built-in dustproof door to improve wiring efficiency;

    Unique structure design of splitter clamp and buckle cover, and tool-free installation mode of backbone cabling, which is convenient for wiring construction and maintenanceand canimprove wiring efficiency

    Support clamping or binding backbone fixing

    The module adopts press type locking and ejecting to solve the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging jumpers in limited space

    Limit groove structure with the handle warning mark to prevent the module from being pulled out violently and snapping the optical fiber;

    Unique cabinet installation support structure, rack installation can be completed by single person, improve wiring efficiency, save labor cost

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