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Company Introduction

EverPro Technologies Company Limited (EverPro for short) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of products including active optical cables (AOC), optical fibers & cables, optoelectronic chips, optoelectronic modules, generic cabling, micro-modular data centers, and passive communication, as well as cabinets and wiring. EverPro owns two subsidiary brands: FIBBR and iCONEC. The company has R&D branches, trading subsidiaries, sales offices and overseas production facilities in Beijing,Hong Kong, the US, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia, along with a global marketing network.

Our key strengths include our innovation-driven design capabilities, advanced manufacturing technologies, and our in-house silicon IC design teams and extensive IP portfolio in high-speed, low-power photoelectric conversion, world-class interoperability support and optical fiber innovation. Through our active participation in industry-leading standards such
as HDMI, USB-IF, JIIA, VEGA and other global communities, EverPro strives to maintain our technology advancement and leadership, providing the most efficient, coherent and highquality design and production experiences to our global customers.

  • 2013
  • 565Million
    Total investment
  • 37+Items
    Independent intellectual property rights
Technical Strength

By 2020, EverPro has 37 patents in total, including 16 invention patents and15 overseas patents, involving the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Advantages of Optical Fiber:

EverPro's cables adopt multimode optical fibers from YOFC, a world famous enterprise,and are manufactured by PCVD technology. The cables have excellent DMD and bandwidth performance, and are widely used in medical treatment, machine vision, home theater, conference venue, data center and other fields.

Some of the products use BendRobust® special bending-resistant fibers exclusively supplied by YOFC:

  • Ultra low attenuation: It can withstand 180-degree bending for many times, and still maintain high-speed and stable signal transmission. Material attenuation is less than 0.0035dB/m.
  • Super bending resistance: Minimum cable diameter can be 2.3mm. Minimum bend radius is 1.5mm. It can deliver an easier cabling process by making installation more invisible and beautiful. Despite the engineering environment, it can ensure multi-angle cabling and long-term stable operation of project ;
  • Ultra-long service life: The cable has extremely strong tensile properties that can withst and > 200N. It can also bear repeated bending with more than 20,000 times. Its service life far exceeds that of ordinary optical fibers.
Quality Management

EverPro implements system certification and standardizes quality management.


· In 2014: EverPro passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

· In 2016: EverPro passed ISO14001 and OHSAS Management System Certification

· In 2019: EverPro passed IECQ QC080000 Quality Management System Certification

Core Competence

· Self-developed OE Engine + BendRobust® Bending-resistant Fiber

· Efficient & Lossless Massive Data Transmission, Soft & Light Cable make cabling easier