Split TV

Split TV solution that EverPro can provide:

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Self-developed consumer AOC special solution

  • Adjustable parameters, flexibly adapt to target equipment
  • Solution level customer support, no unsolvable problems
  • Optical transmission can be used for high-speed signals such as HDMI and USB. Moreover, there is a special low speed signal optical-electrical conversion solution, which can achieve all-optical signal transmission.

Third-party unspecialized consumer solution

  • Parameter cannot be adjusted, poor compatibility
  • Unable to provide strong technical support
  • No low-speed signal optical transmission solution

Optical Fiber

Ultra-high strength "Bendrobust" optical fiber

  • 1.5mm bending radius
  • The service life is 300 times that of common bending-resistant fiber

Common bending-resistant fiber

  • Easy to be broken and damaged


Split TV

In order to pursue ultra-thin and beautiful appearance of TV, it is necessary to separate the main control circuit, speaker and main screen which affect TV thickness to form the type of split TV. This brings a problem, which requires a high-speed cable to connect main screen and SoundBar.If conventional copper wire is selected, which is thick and ugly, overall appearance of split TV will be greatly affected.

Therefore, in this split TV product, TV manufacturers are pursuing"invisible" or "covert"cable. That means thin cable is needed.