Medical Imaging System
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With people's increasing concern over health, the issues about solving the problem of “man-machine”separation, reducing the radiation effect on doctors and patients caused by MR/CT and protecting people's health start to become the focus of the medical industry.

Compared with traditional solutions, AOC cable wiring has the following advantages:

▶Optical fiber transmission, naturally anti-interference, ensure effective data transmission in strong electromagnetic environment

▶Centralized hosts placements, easy to manage, extend the service life of the host

▶Effective prevention of thievery and damage

▶Support high-definition image transmission, support up to 8K ultra-clear display

▶Long distance transmission allows operators to realize remote control and avoid the impact of radiation at close range

Medical Imaging System

Various imaging systems are used in medical applications, such as CT, MRI, endoscope, etc. The signal sources include different connectors, resolutions, video standards, control signals, etc.In clinical environment, using these devices to transmit documents, images, videos and other data, and even using high-definition images for remote diagnosis, not only needs equipment support, but also needs the cables to maintain sufficient reliability and stability for signal transmission. Having clear and correct images means being able to diagnose diseases early, improve treatment and save lives.

HDMI, DP, DVI, USB and other active optical cable slaunched by EverPro use optical fibers for signal transmission, which naturally shield electromagnetic interference generated by various electromagnetic devices to ensure stable signal transmission.The cables are very suitable for this application scenario.