HD Video Conference System
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High Definition Video Conferencing System

Conference HD camera requires high bandwidth, usually at least USB3.0. While conference room is relatively large, which requires USB cable over 10m. Copper wire is not the solution. Conference room needs wiring through pipes and requires flame retardant cables. At present, the highest standard of required flame retardant grade is CMP.

Therefore, cables required by video conferencing system manufacturers are long, reliable and safe. Because the cable has to be buried in the wall, once something goes wrong, it will be very troublesome.


Video conferencing system solution that EverPro can provide:

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Advantages and Characteristics



EverPro USB Products

Competing Products


Self-developed special USB optical transceiving solution, in accordance with USB protocol specification

Unspecialized USB solution


After years of improvement, the compatibility is very good. It is suitable for most USB devices in the market. Even if compatibility problems are encountered, Patch can be carried out by adjusting firmwares.

Usually, compatibility problems cannot be solved

Flame Retardant Grade

CMP, the highest flame retardant grade

No CMP UL qualification