4K HDMI Active Optical Cable (Support ARC)

  • High Bandwidth
  • Support ARC
  • 4K60Hz
  • No External Power Needed
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
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4K HDMI Active Optical Cable (Support ARC)

In professional engineering wiring, cable needsto be long, lightand soft enough to make it more convenient for wiring through pipes, reduce cable damage and ensure the normal transmission of data.

EverPro's EPH2C08 product is an 4K HDMI optical cable with 18Gbps and low power consumption. Adopting TransFuture technology owned by Everpro, its transmission distance can reach 150m. It supports ARC function. In addition, its interior is filled with injection molding, which is dustproof and moistureproof. Various customized requirements regarding appearance are supported.

Product Application Scenario
  • Living Room Entertainment

    Suitable for high-end living room entertainment as it can provide gorgeous audio-visual enjoyment for TV programs and games;

  • Home Theaters

    Used in various home theaters to provide high-definition and smooth audio and video transmission experience;

  • Large Exhibition Halls

    Used in large exhibition halls to provide efficient and stable transmission for various massive videos and images.

  • Performance Halls

    Used in performance halls to provide real-time and efficient transmission of various audio and image data in front of and behind the stage.

  • Cable Length

    up to 150m

  • Connector

    HDMI Type-A Connector-HDMI Type-A Connector

  • Bandwidth

    4K HDMI Standard, 18Gbps Bandwidth, support 4K@60HZ, ARC (30m)

  • Power Supply

    No External Power Needed

  • Power Consumption


  • Housing Material

    Black TPE/Zinc Alloy

  • Mechanical/Condition

    Cable Diameter, 4.15mm

    Bend Radius (Dynamic/Static), 20mm/10mm

    Tensile Strength (Long term/Short term), 100N/200N

    Crush Resistance (Long term/Short term), 200N/400N

    Operating/Storage Temperature, 0~50°C / -20~70°C

    Operating/Storage Humidity, 0~85% / 0~85%

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