Camera Link

Camera Link 2.1 High-Flex Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • Meets the Camera Link 2.1 standard
  • Bandwidth up to 5440Mbps
  • Drag chain test over 10 million times
  • Distance is up to 40 meters
  • Optical fiber transmission is stable without attenuation, and resistant to bending
  • High resistant with EMI and RFI
  • The cable is high flex
  • Support long-distance transmission
  • Suitable for machine vision and industrial cameras
Product Application
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Camera Link 2.1 High-Flex Hybrid Active Optical Cable
Product Application Scenario
  • Machine vision

    Camera Link 2.1 high-flex hybrid active optical cable meets the repeated drag chain needs of robotic arms, and 6.8Gbps large bandwidth can transmit high-quality images losslessly over long distances. Meet the demand for industrial cameras to transmit high-definition images at high frame rates in machine vision The high flexibility and lightweight nature of the cable are also suitable for the connection of robot vision systems.

  • Video surveillance

    Camera Link 2.1 high-flex hybrid active optical cable provides 6.8Gbps large bandwidth for long-distance lossless transmission. Surveillance personnel can obtain high-quality video information away from dangerous environments to restore details in real-time monitoring environments.

  • Cable Length

    Catalog:10m/15m/20m/ 30m/40m

  • Interface

    EPICLHBN-M1S1/EPICLHFN-M1S1:MDR(with screw)+SDR(with screw)

    EPICLHBN-S1S1K/EPICLHFYN-S1S1K:SDR(with screw)+SDR(with screw)

  • Bandwidth

    Full+ configuration up to 5440 Mbps

  • Power supply

    Y Cable

  • Power Consumption


  • Power Consumption

    Base:5V /400mA


  • Cable Diameter


  • Mechanical/Condition

    Drag chain test :over 10 million times

    Bend Radius(Dynamic/Static):75mm/40mm

    Crush Resistance (Long term/Short term):200N/500N

    Tensile Strength:200N

    Operating Temperature:0°C ~+50°C

    Storage Temperature: -20°C ~+70°C

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