MPO/MTP Jumper

  • High Density
  • Small Volume
  • Plug and Play, Easy to Install
  • Excellent Optical and Mechanical Properties
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Optical Cable Materials Meet LSZH, OFNR and OFNP
  • Compared with Competitors, We Have the Advantage of Independent Production of Optical Fiber and Cable
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Details

MPO/MTP Jumper

With the advent of 5G era, the bandwidth demand of data center is increasing rapidly. In order to solve the problem of disordered wiring, realize quick wire deployment, reduce installation time and cost,as well as increasethe utilization rate of data center space, MPO/MTP jumpers are widely used. MPO/MTP connector, which can realize multi-core optical fiber connection, is used in high-density integrated optical fiber wiring environment and internal and external connection of data center devices.

Product Application Scenario
  • Cloud Terminal System

    It is generally used for device-to-device connection and transmission in the machine rooms of data center. Connection mode: MPO connects optical module, optical module connects switch, or MPO connects two devices.

  • Interface



  • Optical Fiber



  • Number of Optical Fiber Cores / Grinding

    MPO/MTP     SM:12F/APC  24F/APC  16F/APC
                                MM:12F/APC  24F/APC  16F/APC

    LC/SC/FC     SM:APC   UPC


  • LC/SC/FC Premium

    SM:APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1    Max.:0.2  ; RL(dB):Min. :65

            UPC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1    Max.:0.15 ; RL(dB):Min.:55

    MM:PC:IL(dB) :Typical:0.1   Max.:0.15 ; RL(dB):Min.:45

  • MPO/MTP Standard

    MPO/MTP:SM:12F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.35   Max.:0.7;RL(dB):Min.:60;

                                 24F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.35   Max.:0.7;RL(dB):Min.:60;

                                 16F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.35   Max.:0.7;RL(dB):Min.:60;

                      MM:12F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.2      Max.:0.5;RL(dB):Min.:20;

                                 24F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.2     Max.:0.5;RL(dB):Min.:20;

                                 16F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.2     Max.:0.5;RL(dB):Min.:20;

  • MPO/MTP Premium

    MPO/MTP:SM:12F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1   Max.:0.35;RL(dB):Min.:60;

                                 24F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1   Max.:0.35;RL(dB):Min.:60;

                                 16F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1   Max.:0.35;RL(dB):Min.:60;

                      MM: 12F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1   Max.:0.35;RL(dB):Min.:20;

                                 24F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1   Max.:0.35;RL(dB):Min.:20;

                                 16F/APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.1   Max.:0.35;RL(dB):Min.:20;

  • LC/SC/FC Standard

    SM:APC:IL(dB):Typical:0.15    Max.:0.3  ; RL(dB):Min. :60

            UPC:IL(dB):Typical:0.15    Max.:0.2 ; RL(dB):Min.:50

    MM:PC:IL(dB) :Typical:0.15   Max.:0.2 ; RL(dB):Min.:30

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