USB3.1 Gen1 High-flex Hybrid Active Optical Extension

  • USB3 Vision
  • USB3.1 Gen1 5Gbps
  • Up to 50m
  • Drag chain test 10 million times
Product Application
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USB3.1 Gen1 High-flex Hybrid Active Optical Extension

Cameras based on the new USB3.1 Gen1 transmission technology are being widely used in industrial production line inspection, 3D scanning, video conferencing and other fields. But due to the transmission distance limitation of USB3.1 Gen1 copper wire, long-distance application is limited. In some applications of robot arm, the cable for transmitting signals needs not only to be long enough, but also to meet the characteristic of ultra-soft.

In order to solve the above two problems, EverPro have launched new generation USB3.1 Gen1 High-flex Hybrid Active Optical Extension(EPIUH21-A0A4) with AM-AF interface. Adopting BendRobust® special bending-resistant fiber particularly owned by YOFC with multistrand ultra-fine special conductors, bulletproof high-strength nonmetallic strength components and ultra-soft wear-resistant insulating materials makethe whole cable reach high flexibility standard, flexible and firm. Moreover, without adding any relay equipment, its length can reach 50 meters, which is 10 times that of the traditional copper wire. Built-in particular SuperTT technology can convert USB3.0 and USB2.0 protocols to each other allowing USB2.0 devices to share the high-speed bandwidth (5Gbps) of USB3.0. It is the only optical cable compatible with USB2.0 at chip solution level.

Product Application Scenario
  • Conferencing System

    Long-distance wiring can be realized. Host PC can be hidden in cabinets, wall cabinets or behind displays. Therefore, the centralized management of the host or the security of the system can be met. At the same time, it makes the whole conference room more concise.

  • 3D Scanning

    High-definition USB3.0 industrial camera suitable for 3D scanning; 5G high bandwidth can transmit high-quality data. Light, soft and slim cables can meet the repeated drag chain requirements of robot arms.

  • Smart Warehousing

    In unmanned warehouse, it can provide high-definition image and control signal transmission for cameras and sensors needed by mechanical picking arm.

  • Somatosensory Application

    It is suitable for AR, VR and other somatosensory devices. By USB3.0 optical cable, various data can be accurately collected and output, and human-computer interaction experience can be close to “zero” restriction.

  • Cable Length

    Up to 50m


  • Interface

    Source Connector:USB3.1 Gen1 Standard Type-A Male Connector

    Display Connector:USB3.1 Gen1 Standard Type-A receptacle (with locking screw hole)

  • Rate

    USB3.1 Gen1 Super speed,Up to 5Gbps,backward-compatible with USB2.0/1.1

  • Power Supply

    Host Connector Power Supply :USB bus

    Device Connector Supply Current:Maximum 900mA

  • Power Consumption


  • Mechanical / Condition

    Connector Dimension(length/width/height):Source Connector: 44mm/27mm/13mm

                                                                              Display Connector: 82mm/26mm/14.5mm

    Cable Diameter:4.0mm

    Minimum Bend Radius of Cable:40mm

    Operating Temperature:0 - 55°C

    Storage Temperature:-40 - 80 °C

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