USB3.2 Gen2 Hybrid Active Optical Extension Cable

  • USB3 Vision compliant
  • 10Gbps high-speed lossless transmission
  • GUH24S compatible with USB2.0/1.1 devices, up to 20M
  • GUH24L compatible with USB2.0, up to 35M
  • AM/AF USB stick ,mouse, keyboard extension cable
  • High resistant with EMI and RFI
  • Drag chain test over 10 million times
  • USB A Male to USB A Female Adapte
  • Support hot plug
  • Y Cable external power supply at host end
  • The cable is soft and easy to wire
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
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USB3.2 Gen2 Hybrid Active Optical Extension Cable
Product Application Scenario
  • Remote Storage

    The USB3.2 Gen2 hybrid active optical fiber extension cable provides 10Gbps bandwidth to save data storage time and improve efficiency. Optical signal transmission without electromagnetic radiation ensures no information leakage during long-distance transmission.By using extension cables, operators can safely store data away from noisy environments.

  • Industrial printing

    USB3.2 Gen2 hybrid active optical fiber extension cable provides 10Gbps bandwidth while compatibility with USB2.0. The radiation-free and interference-free nature allows the cable to transmit data in complex environments.

  • Digital signage

    The USB3.2 Gen2 hybrid optical fiber extension cable with a length of 35 meters can connect the digital signage remote connection removable disks, keyboards and other devices to the control center without repeaters for centralized management.

  • Machine Vision

    The robust Hybrid Active Optical Extension Cable meets the repeated drag chain requirements of the mechanical arm. The 10Gbps large bandwidth can transmit high-quality data in real time to meet the imaging requirements of HD industrial cameras.Therefore, the extension cable can keep you away from danger and operate the equipment at a long distance without considering the bandwidth and stability.

  • Cable Length


    GUH24S MAX 20米

    GUH24L MAX 35米

  • Connector Size (L/W/H)



  • Interface

    Host:USB A Male

    Device:USB A Female(With screw hole)

  • Bandwidth

    USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps,

    GUH24S Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1

    GUH24L Compatible with USB 2.0

  • Power Supply

    Host Power:USB bus

    Devise Power:Y Cable

  • Cable Diameter

    GUH24S 5.5mm, GUH24L 4.9mm

  • Minimum Bend Radius(Dynamic/Static)


  • Power Consumption


    GUH24S <200mA/5V

    GUH24L <300mA/5V

  • Mechanical/Condition

    Operating temperature:-20~70℃

    Storage Temperature:-40~85℃

    Tensile Strength(Long term/Short term):200N/500N

    Crush Resistance(Long term/Short term):200N/500N

    Drag chain test :over 10 million times

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