Type C

USB3.1 Gen1 Type C Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • Compliant with USB3 Vision standard
  • 5Gbps high-speed lossless transmission
  • Compatible with USB 2.0
  • High resistant with EMI and RFI
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Type C Interface
  • Support PD 3.0, 60W fast charging
  • Support hot plug
  • No external power supply is required
  • Excellent flex resistance properties
  • Suitable for VR applications
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
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USB3.1 Gen1 Type C Hybrid Active Optical Cable
Product Application Scenario
  • Virtual Reality

    The cable is suitable for AR or VR equipment connection. The Hybrid Active Optical Cable supplies large bandwidth and 60W fast charging. Users can enjoy the ultimate experience of "zero" restraint and "zero" delay.

  • Conference system

    The Hybrid Active Optical Cable is easier to be wired, and it is convenient to connect various Type C port devices such as mobile phones, PCs, microphones, cameras, etc., to achieve data transmission and function control while providing power, so as to making the conference room more simple.

  • Cable Length


  • Interface

    Host:USB C Male

    Device:USB C Male

    One end is a 90° elbow

  • Bandwidth

    USB 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps, Compatible with USB 2.0/1.1

  • Power Supply

    Host Power:USB bus

    Device Power:PD3.0 20/3A

  • Cable Diameter


  • Power Consumption


  • Mechanical/Condition

    Minimum Bend Radius:50mm

    Operating temperature:-10~60℃

    Storage Temperature:-20~70℃

    Tensile Strength:200N


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