USB3.0 Pure Optical Cable

  • Long distance transmission, up to 100m
  • Comply with USB3.0 Standard, which can support up to 5Gbps
  • Support hot swapping, plug and play
  • Compared with copper wire, it is slimmer, lighter and softer
  • Pure optical fiber transmission, anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Connect self-owned USB3.0 Hub or Dongle, can be backward-compatible with USB2.0/1.1 devices
Product Application
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USB3.0 Pure Optical Cable

Various imaging systems are used in medical applications, such as CT, MRI and endoscope. Using these devices in clinical situations, transmitting documents, images, videos and other data, and even using high-definition images for remote diagnosis, need to maintain the reliability and stability of signal transmission. It can diagnose diseases early and improve medical effect.

USB3.0 Pure Optical Cable (EPMUP03-A0A0) launched by EverPro uses pure optical fiber for 100m high-speed signal transmission with low power consumption and low cost. The cable adopts BendRobust® optical fiber particularly owned by YOFC, which makes the cable resistant to 180-degree bending, light, soft and slim. Moreover, optical fiber can naturally shield electromagnetic interference. This product is fully compatible with the USB3.0 Standard. With the USB3.0-to-2.0 adapter or Hub integrated with Everpro SuperTT technology, it can be backward-compatible with USB2.0 devices and greatly improve the transmission bandwidth of USB2.0 devices.

Product Application Scenario
  • Medical

    It can be used in medical imaging systems such as CT, MRI and endoscope. It can transmit documents, images, videos and other data efficiently over a long distance, and naturally shield electromagnetic interference generated by various electromagnetic devices to ensure stable signal transmission, help doctors diagnose diseases early, improve treatment and save lives.

  • Rate

    USB3.0    5 Gbps

  • Physical specification

    Source Connector: USB3.0 Standard Type-A Male Connector

    Display Connector: USB3.0 Standard Type-A Male Connector

  • Connector Dimension


  • Cable Length

    Up to 100m

  • Cable Materials


  • Color


  • Optical Fiber

    62.5/250 multimode optical fiber

  • Cable Diameter


  • Minimum Bend Radius


  • Voltage


  • Current


  • Power Consumption


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