DP1.4 Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • 50 meters lossless transmission
  • Complies with DP (DisplayPort) 1.4 standard
  • Support lossless transmission of 8K/4K UHD videos
  • 32.4Gbps Band Width
  • High resistant with EMI and RFI
  • No need external power
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
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Product Application Scenario
  • Home Theater

    DP1.4 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for home theater systems.Even if the playback device and the display device are over 50 meters apart, high-definition and high-definition high refresh rate videos videos can be transmitted with "zero" latency.

  • Digital signage

    DP1.4 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for digital signage system。High definition and high refresh ratio videos can be transmitted over a distance of 50 meters without repeater,which makes it more convenient to build a multimedia network to broadcast more attractive adverstsing content as 8@60HZ , 4K@144HZ Videos.

  • Esports

    DP1.4 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for e-sports, can transmit high-dynamic 8K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz high-definition and high refresh videos over long distances, and optical fiber transmission high-speed signals bring users an immersive e-sports experience with near-zero latency.

  • Video conferencing

    DP1.4 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for video converencing system. It can make the connection between terminal devices、personal computers, HDMI cameras and display devices more flexible. It can stablely transmismit the signals without interference of high radiation devices to(such as mobile phones, WIFI, etc.) cables. High-definition and high refresh rate videos or 3D videos can be transmitted over 100 meaters with "zero" delay .4K/8K UHD video conference will improve customer experience.

  • Cable Length


  • Interface

    Source:DP A Male

    Display:DP A Male

  • Bandwidth

    DP 1.4, 8.1Gbps × 4

  • Power Consumption


  • Mechanical/Condition

    Cable Diameter:4.0mm

    Bend Radius(Dynamic/Static):80mm/40mm

    Tensile Strength(Long term/Short term):100N/200N

    Crush Resistance(Long term/Short term):200N/400N

    Operating / Storage Temperature::0~50℃/-20~70℃

  • Power Supply

    Source:Display PortInterface

    Display:No additional power supply is required

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