DisplayPort 1.4 Active Optical Cable

  • The plug size is small for wiring construction
  • YOFC special bending insensitive fiber
  • Accessories customized for label and package
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Details


In the fields of e-sports and live sports events, signal transmission with larger bandwidth and higher frame rate is needed to ensure smooth and clear video. Therefore, the demand for excellent DP cables is increasing.

EverPro's EPDPC02 product is a DisplayPort 1.4 active optical cable with 32.4Gbps high bandwidth and low power consumption. EPDPC02 adopts BendRobust® special bending-resistant optical fiber exclusively created by YOFC, which can perfectly transmit 8k@60hz UHD smooth images up to 50 meters. Compared with the traditional copper wire, EPDPC02 AOC is much longer, softer, slimmer, with better signal quality and perfect EMI/EMC feature. Compared with other DP optical fiber transmission solution, EPDPC02 AOC is easy to use with perfect compatibility, and no external power supply is needed.

Product Application Scenario
  • Suitable for e-sports

    Suitable for e-sports, provide smooth and high-definition dynamic images for e-sports, reduce screen lagging and flickering.

  • Live Broadcast of Events

    Live broadcast of events, provide real-time screen broadcast for sports events and other activities

  • Audio-Visual Entertainment

    Audio-visual entertainment, provide gorgeous and high-definition video signal transmission for home theater entertainment

  • Digital Signage

    Digital signage, provide clear and smooth image display for outdoor advertising.

  • Cable Length

    Up to 50m

  • Connector

    DP Type-A Connector -- DP Type-A Connector, with lock on connector

  • Bandwidth

    DP1.4,8.1Gbps x 4, support 8k@60hz display

  • Power Supply

    No external power needed

  • Power Consumption


  • Mechanical/Condition

    Connector dimension:46.74mm * 22.15mm * 11mm

    Cable Diameter:4.0mm

    Minimum Bend Radius:20mm

    Tensile Strength (Long term/Short term):100N/200N

    Crush Resistance (Long term/Short term):200N/400N

    Operating/Storage Temperature:0 ~ 50°C/-20 ~ 70°C

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