DisplayPort 1.4 Pure Active Optical Cable

  • 200 meters lossless transmission
  • High resistant with EMI and EMC
  • No need external power
Product Application
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DisplayPort 1.4 Pure Active Optical Cable

Compared with HDMI, DP has the characteristics of larger bandwidth and higher frame rate, and is widely used in PC. High-quality DP cable can better support multi-screen output and provide image display without lagging and delay.

EverPro's EPDPC04 product is a DP1.4 pure active optical cable with 32.4Gbps high bandwidth and low power consumption. Using optical fiber to replace copper wire as the high-speed signal transmission medium, EPDPC04 can perfectly transmit 8K@60Hz UHD image up to 200 meters with very low power consumption and latency. Compared with copper wire, EPDPC04 AOC is much longer, softer, slimmer with perfect EMI/EMC feature. The cable has perfect compatibility, and does not need external power supply.

Product Application Scenario
  • Live Broadcast of Events

    Live broadcast of events, provide real-time screen broadcast for sports events and other activities

  • E-sports

    Suitable for e-sports, provide smooth and high-definition dynamic images for e-sports, reduce screen lagging and flickering.

  • Audio-Visual Entertainment

    Audio-visual entertainment, provide gorgeous and high-definition video signal transmission for home theater entertainment

  • Digital Signage

    Digital signage, provide clear and smooth image display for outdoor advertising

  • Cable Length

    Up to 200m

  • Connector

    DP Type-A Connector -- DP Type-A Connector, with lock on connector

  • Bandwidth

    DP1.4, 8.1Gbps x 4, support 8k@60hz display

  • Power Supply

    No external power needed

  • Power Consumption


  • Mechanical/Condition

    Connector dimension:46.74mm * 22.15mm * 11mm

    Cable diameter:4.0mm

    Minimum Bend Radius:80mm/40mm

    Tensile Strength (Long term/Short term):100N/200N

    Crush Resistance (Long term/Short term):200N/400N

    Operating/Storage Temperature:0 ~ 50°C/-20 ~ 70°C

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