DisplayPort 1.4 Pure Active Optical Cable (Medical)

  • 200 meters lossless transmission
  • No need external power
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DisplayPort 1.4 Pure Active Optical Cable (Medical)

In medical applications, various imaging systems (CT, MRI, endoscope) need to transmit various documents, images and video data. The clearer the data, the more helpful it is for diagnosis.

EPMDP03-A0A0 DP Pure Active Optical Cable launched by EverPro is aimed at medical industry. It has ultra-high bandwidth of 32.4Gbps and supports 8K@60Hz UHD display. EPMDP03-A0A0 adopts BendRobust® special bending-resistant optical fibers exclusively created by YOFC, which can still transmit data signals efficiently after repeated 180-degree bending. Pure optical fibers used for signal transmission can naturally shield all kinds of electromagnetic interference and ensure stable signal transmission. It is very suitable for medical application scenarios.

Product Application Scenario
  • Mechanical

    It can be used in medical imaging systems such as CT, MRI and endoscope. It can transmit documents, images, videos and other data efficiently over a long distance, and naturally shield electromagnetic interference generated by various electromagnetic devices to ensure stable signal transmission, help doctors diagnose diseases early, improve treatment and save lives.

  • Cable Length

    Up to 200m

  • Connector

    DP Standard Type-A Male Connector - DP Standard Type-A Male Connector, with lock on connector

  • Bandwidth

    DP 1.4, 8.1Gbps x 4, support 8k@60Hz

  • Power Supply

    No external power needed

  • Power Consumption

    Max 450mW@3.3V

  • Connector Dimension

    46.74mm x 22.15mm x 11mm

  • Cable Diameter


  • Bend Radius (Dynamic/Static)


  • Tensile Strength (Long term/Short term)


  • Crush Resistance (Long term/Short term)


  • Operating/Storage Temperature

    0 ~ 50°C/-20 ~ 70°C

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