DisplayPort 1.4 Pure Active Optical Cable (Medical)

  • 200 meters lossless transmission
  • No need external power
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Details
Product Application Scenario
  • Mechanical

    It can be used in medical imaging systems such as CT, MRI and endoscope. It can transmit documents, images, videos and other data efficiently over a long distance, and naturally shield electromagnetic interference generated by various electromagnetic devices to ensure stable signal transmission, help doctors diagnose diseases early, improve treatment and save lives.

  • Cable Length

    Up to 200m

  • Connector

    DP Standard Type-A Male Connector - DP Standard Type-A Male Connector, with lock on connector

  • Bandwidth

    DP 1.4, 8.1Gbps x 4, support 8k@60Hz

  • Power Supply

    No external power needed

  • Power Consumption

    Max 450mW@3.3V

  • Connector Dimension

    46.74mm x 22.15mm x 11mm

  • Cable Diameter


  • Bend Radius (Dynamic/Static)


  • Tensile Strength (Long term/Short term)


  • Crush Resistance (Long term/Short term)


  • Operating/Storage Temperature

    0 ~ 50°C/-20 ~ 70°C

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