DP2.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable

  • 50 meters lossless transmission
  • Complies with DP (DisplayPort) 2.0 standard
  • Support lossless transmission of 8K/4K UHD videos
  • Support Panel Replay
  • 40Gbps Band Width
  • High resistant with EMI and RFI
  • No need external power
Product Application
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DP2.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable
Product Application Scenario
  • Home Theater

    DP2.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for home theater systems.Even if the playback device and the display device are over 50 meters apart, high-definition and high-definition high refresh rate videos videos can be transmitted with "zero" latency.

  • Digital signage

    DP2.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for digital signage system。High definition and high refresh ratio videos can be transmitted over a distance of 50 meters without repeater,which makes it more convenient to build a multimedia network to broadcast more attractive adverstsing content as 8@60HZ , 4K@144HZ Videos. Panel Replay allows for only updating a portion of the display that has changed rather than the entire frame-buffer in order to conserve power.

  • Esports

    DP2.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable is suitable for e-sports, can transmit high-dynamic 8K@60Hz, 4K@144Hz high-definition and high refresh videos over long distances, and optical fiber transmission high-speed signals bring users an immersive e-sports experience with near-zero latency.

  • Video surveillance

    Pure fiber HDMI AOC can be used for high-definition HDMI interface camera to directly project the monitoring image to the display device. It is Radiation free anti-interference, and can transmit high-definition high-refresh rate videos for 8K@60Hz and 4K@144Hz at a distance of 150 meters.The cable is very light and flexible, which make it easy to install and does not take up space.

  • Cable Length


  • Interface

    Source:DP A Male

    Display:DP A Male

  • Bandwidth

    DP 2.0, 10Gbps × 4

  • Power Supply

    Source:Display PortInterface

    Display:No additional power supply is required

  • Power Consumption


  • Mechanical/Condition

    Cable Diameter:4.0mm

    Bend Radius:50mm

    Tensile Strength:111N

    Crush Resistance:100N

    Operating / Storage Temperature::-10~60℃/-20~70℃

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